– sculptural installation, 2016

Slow takes as a starting point the body's relationship to artworks within exhibitionary settings. The installation consists of multiple table-like support structures of varying sizes, composed in an array, overlapping and in proximity to one another. They create pathways and pockets of space amidst themselves, giving a sense of support and elevation.

Each of their sides is marked with a line of lyric of the catchy pop song, Slow by Kylie Minogue about attraction, seduction and sensuality in exchanged glances. Creating a relation that allows for multiple rhythms and patterns of reading - springing from word to word, side to side, rotating as one does so.

Evoking cues from popular media, the work delves into the many notions of the choreographic that oddly enough, could just as well be curatorial.

Slow, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, 2016 19_49_47.jpg