– installation, performance, 2017

Installation: Jeremy Sharma
Choreography: Nina Djekić

Slow Fury is a site-specific work in collaboration with Jeremy Sharma for the State of Motion 2017 exhibition tour in Singapore.

The installation blends programme, image, light, sound and dance to produce fleeting monuments that are at once solid and atmospheric. A memory exiled from popular consciousness, Singapore’s only and forgotten gangster and martial arts film, Ring of Fury undergoes an electronic and digital transformation made up of panels of individual light nodes.

A dance sequence is performed by a lonely dancer who also performs as a custodian of the installation, manipulating the light programmes. The dance becomes an alternative mnemonic device that enables a storage and facilitates remembrance of the deteriorating film image and its history through an overlap of muscle memory and imagination.

The work is situated at one of the original film location for Ring of Fury at the Labrador Park Battery in Singapore. Constructed in the late 30s as a fort to deter Japanese invasion from the sea, the plan backfired when the Japanese instead invaded from Malaysia in the north.

Slow Fury, Labrador Park, 2017