– series of three video works, HD Video 1920 x 1080, 2015

# Gaze
# Rotation
# Mass

Scenarios act as a series of speculative instructional videos that address how to bodily relate to artworks and their physical and perhaps psychical presence. Not un- like tutorials, they also unravel as scenarios for a film that is missing from the black screens.

The work builds on the idea that artworks have a power to attract and repel, therefore having their own élan vital. It playfully thinks of the invisible choreographies that could be at play between the different vitalities, those of the art viewers/participants and art works (and questioning the stability of those categories.)

However, they guide the viewer through a virtual experience, they perform well in company of other artworks. Scenarios were previously situated within a gallery, in a storage/office space of the gallery and as occasional screenings.

# Mass on vimeo:
password: #mass

Scenarios, part of solo exhibition The Most of It, Ellen de Bruijne Projects, 2016