– a performance, 30’, 2012

Man-At-Arms is a performance in which a single body strives to translate and perform a two dimensional score. A performance as a graphic – the shapes are cut out and the holes are filled with colors to create a print on the plane.
Man-At-Arms optimistically questions the ability of the body to attend to as well as to create spatiality – how the body could live in spatial dimensions of a plane where the rules of depth aren’t applied? What is the nature of the interaction in a situation in which there is no vanishing point towards which the whole situation would gravitate?
Material of this dance is created through the means of reenactment, reproduction and reconstruction.

The performance happens amongst the potentialities of communication of reconfigured bodies. In these circumstances – what of a body stays and what dis/appears?
How does the dimensionality We attend to affects the relationships between us?

Video excerpts:


Man-At-Arms, photographs from a performance at Gledališče Glej, Ljubljana.

Aftertalk at Gledališče Glej, Ljubljana>, 2012