– a performance in collaboration with Clara Amaral, 30’, 2014

Gray Magick researches the choreographic attempts/approaches to release or render visible the forces embedded in an object, specifically a tool. How to act on a tool and perceive it acting on you? A tool that is at the same time assumed as a fossil of the past, that is excavated in the present and an artefact from the future that is brought back in time. In this work we excavate and compose new architectures for and with this tool and ourselves.
A tool as a technology, a tool as an extension of the human body.
Tool as tool, tool as a symbol, tool as trash.

While moving (with) tools we invoke magick. Magick as an ability to create new relationships among things. New pathways among the energies of matter. Gray as practical magick that is seen as falling in a continuum between white and black. 20_36_01@0,25x.jpg 20_32_03@0,25x.jpg,25x.jpg 20_32_54@0,25x.jpg 20_37_59@0,25x.jpg,25x.jpg