– performance in collaboration with Simon Asencio, 30’, 2011

Cruising Area addresses the notion of possession (physical as well as mental and spiritual) and shape shifting. It explores the cruising area as a site of occurrence for in-visible choreographies, investigating anonymity and role enactment, interplay of behaviours and gestures as motors for fictitious relations. Cruising area is a research into sub- and implicit languages, encryption and non-normative body-language. The performance seeks to render an intangible tension between two bodies in a constant reconfiguration of subjectivity, the actual space of action, and a space of fiction.

In an altered state of perception that disempowers the sense of vision, the performers have to rely on alternative ways to relate to the space, to the audience and to each other through practices of telepathy, deep listening and spatial mediumnism.

Video excerpts:


Cruising area, photographs from performance at De Theatreschool, Amsterdam.