– performative interactive installation; print on transparency, acrylic plates, cut-outs, 2020

A choreography loses its stage, a score loses its page and dancers lose their bodies. How does one enact a performance under such conditions? In the “staging” of Chimera Swagger, Djekić’s poem on gait recognition surveillance technology, we see hands overlap and aflutter. Moving transparent cut-out pieces of shapes, figures, and texts to a poem of choreographic inception. With their movements guided by visual intuition, we see a process as piece - where a multitude of hands come together in a composition. Volume-less figures move and blend within printed foliage, atop of “stages” to shape-shift against recognition. For it is within this flatness that our chimera redeems swagger.

First version of the work was primarily published on so-far online platform.
Accessible here.


Chimera Swager, documentation, Hot House, 2020

Chimera Swager, Hot House, 2020