– a performance, 50’, 2013

Bouquet is a performance for a reader, two dancers and a musician.

Following an elementary triangle structure, that of dramaturgy as well as spatially, this dance performance re-invents itself through choreographic genres of a fight scene, a basketball game and a song. It is introduced by a reading from The French Lieutenant's Woman, a narrative in which the main character caught up in an ambiguous love triangle is collecting fossils at the cliff side of Victorian England at the brink of Darwinism. The reading initiates the rest of the night into a reflection on difference and possibility of change, involving instances from popular culture and science fiction.

The choreography isolates and dissects movement into stills and positions, re- framing it in extended time in which it loses a sense of momentum, action is dissociated from reaction. The dance so unravels in between the moments of rupture and the continuation established throughout the insistent repetition.

Video excerpts:

Bouquet, photographs of performance at Frascati Theatre, Amsterdam. triangle.jpg